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Welcome to Waffelo's Den! This is my personal website where I post stuff about me and my projects. I also have a blog!

This website is designed and coded by me, it is made to be minimalistic and fast, this is a static website with no JavaScript, no WordPress, no analytics, no bullshit. Enjoy :) This website is best viewed on a Protogen 🦊


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The cutest hacking toy
1st August 2022
I would like to introduce you to one of my most favorite projects. This article is solely about what Pwnagotchi is and what it is for. And later I will teach you how you can make your own Pwnagotchi at home!
Degoogling my phone
18th April 2022
The reason why I am degoogling all my phones is that Google holds an unhealthy monopoly on the mobile phone operating system market, Google also doesn't respect user's privacy and collects a lot of sensitive information about our daily lives...