Degoogling my phone
18th April 2022

The reason why I am degoogling all my phones is that Google holds an unhealthy monopoly on the mobile phone operating system market, Google also doesn't respect user's privacy and collects a lot of sensitive information about our daily lives. They collect information about your search history, movement, health, apps which you use and they can even hear you. They mostly collect your data for advertising purposes but it is still a huge breach of personal privacy.
Some time ago I have requested my data from Google and I was shocked by how much they know about me. The thing that has surprised me the most is that the Google Assistant "ok Google" or "hey Google" activation pharses get recorded and then saved on the Google servers.
Leaving the Google side can be uncomfortable because you might lack some proprietary applications, remember that you can install your needed applications from apk mirror websites or aurora store on F-Droid.

Foreigners like me have no privacy rights whatsoever. Yet we keep using U.S.-based services all the time, making us a legal target for gathering and storing our private information. Other countries do surveillance as well. But nobody has the global visibility that United States does.
~ Mikko Hypponen

The benefits of degoogling

The benefits of degoogling your phone are that you get a lot better privacy, better battery life and you can get less addicted on the social media and other crap.
With degoogled phone you can achieve more control of your own device and you won't be limited by the phone manufacturer's Android ROM. With degoogled phone you can get smoother performance of your device as there are no trackers nor spyware running in the background.

The issues of degoogling

The issues with degoogling phone are that your camera might not work properly on the custom ROM, you could fix that with flashing some packages that would allow, but not every phone is lucky...
The second problem is that if you need banking applications then it might be harder to use them as some banking applications require locked bootloader and not having rooted phone. You could fix that by rooting your phone with Magisk and hiding the banking applications from the root.

Applications that I use

Even though I could use applications such as Discord or Messanger on my phone, I don't. I am trying to live as much FOSS as I can, I also don't want to get addicted on the social media and phone games again as that would only kill my productivity and creativity.


Compass Compass application F-Droid
Simple Calendar Calendar application F-Droid
Simple Messages SMS application F-Droid
Simple Contacts Contacts application F-Droid
Simple Calculator Calculator application F-Droid
Fennec [!] Firefox based browser F-Droid
Termux Android terminal emulator F-Droid
Organic Maps OSM map application F-Droid
QR Scanner QR code and barcode scanner F-Droid

Media managment

Name Description Link
Simple Gallery Gallery application F-Droid
Simple Music Music application F-Droid
Simple Recorder Voice recorder application F-Droid
Syncthing Application used to sync files between devices F-Droid
Librera Epub & PDF reader F-Droid
Feeder RSS feed F-Droid
Obscura Cam Privacy photo editor F-Droid
Imagepipe Tool that removes exif data F-Droid


Name Description Link
Cheogram XMPP Client F-Droid
Element Matrix Client F-Droid
Tusky Mastodon Client F-Droid
PixelDroid Pixelfed Client F-Droid
Briar Private messaging app F-Droid
Telegram [!!!] Telegram Client F-Droid


Name Description Link
KeePassDX Password database F-Droid
Aegis 2fa manager F-Droid
Netguard Network access manager F-Droid
OpenKeychain PGP manager F-Droid