New Stuff
31st July 2022

Yesterday I made a mistake, I made a journal page for the 31st but it was 30th, I had wrong date on my computer for some reason, but I fixed it, the time should be correct now and I renamed the last journal entry..

I have been making some new elements for my webstie, such as alert boxes, small code boxes and buttons. This will help me with making guide pages as I will need these elements.


The small code element like this pacman config file for example /etc/pacman.conf . It will be useful for guiding people to specific files or executing specific commands. Alert boxes are great too to draw more attention to some important information, and buttons will be great to link useful resources. However I still need to do some chages to the alert boxes..


I also have organized my Neovim plugin configs and added some new cool plugins! I now have cool plugins such as NERDCommenter, COC autocompletion, startify landing page and some syntax plugins.. I have fallen into some kind of Vim rabbit hole, I am starting to use more Vim tricks and I now understand why so many people love Vim.

Earlier today I ran into a CSS problem.. My whole site just started looking awfully and broken, except in the mobile view.. It turns out that I somehow accidentaly removed two curly brackets in the css file! I spent like half an hour finding both of them.